Thursday, January 28, 2010

Breaking Boards!

Alex tested for his Black Belt Recommended today! He did so good! I'm so amazed at his strength. He's growing up into such a strong and confident young man...
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Monday, December 21, 2009

Quarry Will Destroy Our Community

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
I felt compelled to let you know about an important issue regarding our community. You may not know how a rock quarry on Coon Hollow Road will effect you as you are not within 750 feet on the quarry site. However, it will have an impact on you as you live on their proposed route of operations.
On December 16th, the Marion County Commissioners all but approved an application to establish a 100 acre rock quarry at 16675 Coon Hollow Road in Stayton.
The quarry will have approval for up to 400 loads a day traveling on Boedigheimer, Triumph and Coon Hollow Roads - their designated route for operations. The Board of Commissioners have denied their trucks to travel through Sublimity to Cascade Highway, which is great for them but what about the rest of us? Why does Commissioner Brentano, who lives on Main Street in Sublimity, get to deny rock trucks to drive through his neighborhood but we don’t? Doesn’t seem very ethical. Isn't that a conflict of interest?
The Applicant must have these roads tested and and perform necessary improvements, if needed. Here is some food for thought: Mid-size cars and sedans have a weight range of 4,500 pounds to 5,500 pounds depending on model. An average loaded tandem truck can legally weigh up to 56,000 pounds. A loaded truck and pup, 104,000 pounds. Now times that by 400! I think our roads will deteriorate at a rapid speed. Who is going to monitor their condition and our safety? As the people who have to live and drive on these roads everyday, I think it will end up being our job.
More than the deterioration of our roads, I am concerned for all of our safety. The Public Works Department said there was “low volume” on these roads. But I know I drive them several times a day, as do my teenage son and my husband. I often see you, my neighbors, walking, running and bicycling, even horseback riding on our roads. Many of your homes sit close to the road with your children and animals in the yards. You will now have to worry about them being injured by numerous dump trucks passing all day. I don’t think the Hwy 22 and Fern Ridge Rd. entrance/exit is low volume at all. With all the sharp turns, blind hills and limited shoulders, and the number of trucks on the roads, I fear it will be a dangerous thing to take an afternoon walk down our street. It certainly won’t be enjoyable. I hope it won’t take a tragic accident for the county to realize they made a mistake.
Our peaceful way of life is about to be shattered by the incessant noise and destruction of explosives, rock crushers, excavators, bulldozers, back-up alarms, huge dump trucks, exhaust brakes and traffic. This won't be a couple of days a year, or even a couple months a year, like farming, which we all expect and appreciate out here. This is afterall, farm land (which is why it is so beautiful). This havoc will continue 5 to 6 days a week, 12 hours a day, for the next 35 to 40 years !
I understand and support being able to do what ever one wants with their own property (although living on EFU land is very prohibitive, to PROTECT it), but not at the expense of so many others. In fact, some of you have tried to make some changes to your properties that would have no effect on anyone and have been denied. Having a commercial rock quarry in the midst of so many farms is COMPLETELY contrary to the rural setting and lifestyle of those of us who live here.
I don't understand why our quality of life, not to mention, our property values, has no meaning in this process? I’ve lived here for 18 years and I don’t ever plan on selling my property, I love it too much. I know many of your homes have been in your families for generations and you probably don’t plan on selling either. But what about our children or grandchildren? Their inheritance just got a lot smaller. Is this right?
I'm sure the homes and farms surrounding the quarry and on their designated route just took a huge devaluation, something we don't need in this economy. If you live on Coon Hollow, Boedigheimer or Triumph Roads, I urge you to contact the Marion County Commissioners, The Marion County Planning Department and The Public Works Department to let them know the approval of the application to operate a rock quarry on Coon Hollow Road will have a detrimental effect not just on your family but on our community as well. Tell all of your friends and family who live in Marion County to do the same. The Commissioners will give their final approval on December 30th so please act quickly. I believe they would be the most important people to contact at this short notice. Contact information can be found below.
Thank you,

Adrienne Christian

Marion County Commissioners:
PO Box 14500, Salem, OR 97309
Phone: 503-588-5212
Sam Brentano
Janet Carlson
Patti Milne


The Marion County Planning Department
Sterling Anderson, Planning Director
David Epling, Senior Planner
PO Box 14500, Salem, OR 97309
Phone: 503-588-5038
Fax: 503-589-3284

The Public Works Department
Phone: 503-588-5036
Fax: 503-588-7970

Your US and State Legislators:

Federal Senator ~
Sen. Jeffery A. Merkley (DEM)

Sen. Ron Wyden (DEM)

Federal Representative ~
Rep. Kurt Schrader (DEM)

State Senator ~
Sen. Fred Girod (REP)

State Representative ~
Rep. Sherrie Sprenger (REP)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Baby!

My little baby boy is now in High School! How did this happen??! Can we just start all over???

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us!

I can't believe we have been married for 19 years! How can it go by so fast? Look how young we are (well, I am anyway)! It's been a wonderful, crazy and sometimes scary, ride so far but were still on it!!! I love you, Joe. Now and forever...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Trip to Encinitas - for my B'day!

Well, I forgot my camera so I don't have very many pictures from out trip. Thanks go to Anne (not my mom but my brother's girlfriend) for the pictures I do have. We had a lot of fun just going to the beach, seeing family, and celebrating my birthday!
We went to the Del Mar Race Track on my birthday. It was so much fun! I haven't been there for over 20 years. I forgot what a thrill it is to have the horse you bet on win! Alex enjoyed himself way too much - winning every race!

Danny took Alex for a surf lesson. Kevin did too but I didn't have my camera :-( Alex really enjoyed spending time with his Uncle's! I don't even have a picture of my mommy....or my friend Tonya. I hooked up with her on FaceBook. Tonya was my best friend in 9th grade. We haven't seen or talked to each other since high school. It was SO cool to be able to see her and catch up!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

Alex and I went to visit our cousins in Las Vegas. We had such a great time playing in the pool at Mandalay Bay. The have a wave pool land a lzy river that was quite fun. Since it was about 107 degrees all day, every day we certainly enjoyed the water! Gotta loves those freckles on Teah, Morgan and Django - so cute! Morgan, Alex and I cruised the strip one day. I especially love NY NY and Paris. It's like you are in a little miniture city!
Me and Morgan in "Paris"!
Chris & Teah
This is the intake part of Hoover damn - very cool! I think the water gets sucked up through those towers?
Lake Mead was great. We ended up leaving there at 8:00 when the sun went down and it still was 104!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Taekwondo Tournament!

Alex recently got his second brown belt (getting closer to that black!). He also got to move up in his age division at tournaments. Instead of being the oldest and biggest in the 12-14 age bracket he is now the youngest in the 14-16 division. He was still the tallest but there were more experienced boys in that group. He did well and learned a few tips too. He won one sparring match but lost the second. As always, we were very proud watching him compete and trying his best.
This guy was good! A State Champ and Red Belt too! Alex held his own though!